What is Bipolar Ionization and how it can help you?

The prevailing doomsday-like situation has drastically changed the way we live and approach life. Biologists all over the world are desperately racing with time to arrive at a breakthrough and leave us with no other alternative but to take every existing precautionary measure to keep the virus at bay. Sanitizing our hands, belongings, and surroundings, every waking minute has become the new normal. It indeed is our best shot at survival. Thanks to modern-day technology and its unceasing evolution, we have at our disposal several innovations that make life easier. For instance, Bipolar Ionization Technology, whose inception dates back to 1970. It was initially employed as a tool for pathogen-controlling in the food manufacturing industry. The Technology deactivates bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other harmful germs and microorganisms. Bipolar Ionization has already proved its efficiency in combating against viruses like the SARS and Norovirus.

The Bipolar Ionization Technology employs uniquely designed tubes that are adept at sucking in oxygen molecules scattered in the air and converts them into charged atoms. The charged atoms then tightly envelope around micro particles like viruses and bacteria deactivating them completely. Furthermore, the ions can also efficiently cluster around respiratory droplets and dust particles that have the potential to carry viruses. The process enlarges the size of the droplets, making them easily susceptible to getting trapped in filters. Recent studies suggest that the coronavirus can remain suspended in the air for a prolonged period, making the already grim situation all the more hazardous. The Bipolar Ionization technology attacks the root agent that transmits the virus, i.e., the respiratory droplets, killing them before it settles on any solid surfaces. It effectively and continuously purifies the air in a closed space eliminating the chances of air-borne transmission of the coronavirus.

In calamitous times, it is necessary to deploy fool-proof measures to tackle situations before they spiral out of control. Bipolar Ionization Technology has already been implemented in several hospitals and airports in the United States. Furthermore, the technology has successfully stood the test of time, proving its capability combatting against the 2004 SARS outbreak and other similar outbreaks such as the MERS. It is high time that the technology is made a standard safety arrangement in healthcare facilities and other public spaces such as schools, universities, offices, airports, and even in our homes. There are several cost-effective options available which will surely make its implementation go easy on our pockets. To know more about our products range based on Bipolar Ionization, please click here