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What is Bipolar Ionization and how it can help you?

The prevailing doomsday-like situation has drastically changed the way we live and approach life. Biologists all over the world are desperately racing with time to arrive at a breakthrough and leave us with no other alternative but to take every existing precautionary measure to keep the virus at bay. Sanitizing our hands, belongings, and surroundings, every waking minute has become the new normal. It indeed is our best shot at survival. Thanks to modern-day technology and its unceasing evolution, we have at our disposal several innovations that make life easier. For instance, Bipolar Ionization Technology, whose inception dates back to 1970. It was initially employed as a tool for pathogen-controlling in the food manufacturing industry.

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Uv radiation sterilization – benefits and applications

UV or Ultra Violet Radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation found in sunlight and can also be produced artificially with the help of electric arcs or specialized lights. They are invisible to the naked eye. UV light can also efficiently sterilize and disinfect solid surfaces, and this is where we can put these invisible rays to good use, especially during a pandemic. In contrast to other disinfecting methods, UV radiation sterilization provides a comparatively speedy and competent method of deactivating microorganisms likes bacteria and viruses. Additionally, UV Radiation can also destroy contaminants such as industrial solvents and pesticides.

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Photo Catalytic Oxidation is a process that combines UVC irradiation with a catalyst which results in a reaction that converts contaminants into water, carbon dioxide and detritus. The catalyst commonly used in the process is titanium dioxide. Photo Catalytic Oxidation is frequently used in the air purification systems.

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