Photo Catalytic Oxidation is a process that combines UVC irradiation with a catalyst which results in a reaction that converts contaminants into water, carbon dioxide and detritus. The catalyst commonly used in the process is titanium dioxide. Photo Catalytic Oxidation is frequently used in the air purification systems.

Photo Catalytic Oxidation is an extremely powerful, ground-breaking and revolutionary technology, armed with the potential to destroy micro particles as small as 0.001 microns(nanometre). It is the perfect weapon against microbes, chemically active compounds and volatile organic compounds. This technology can also be implemented in paints to convert harmful VOC often present in paints into harmless molecules of carbon dioxide and water. Its application is not only limited to exterior coatings but can also very well be used in interior coatings.

The Photo Catalytic Oxidation technology functions by using an air system that sucks in air with the assistance of an air conditioning unit. The air passing through this system is exposed to ultraviolet or titanium dioxide chambers installed inside the system. When the microbe contaminated air passes through these chambers, the microbes are clustered around and destructed by the super-oxide ions and free hydroxy radicals that are discharged from UV light and titanium dioxide chambers.

When the UV light casts its rays on the titanium dioxide, electrons start firing upon its surface. It is the electrons that do most of the work. They react with the water molecules in the air. The process breaks down the cellular structure of the microbes and pollutants, splitting them into hydroxyl radicals. These radicals short-lived, highly reactive and uncharged forms of hydroxide ions. These highly reactive hydroxide ions further attack larger carbon-based molecules that are pollutant in nature. The reaction between the pollutant molecules and hydroxyl radicals results in the breakage of the former’s chemical bonds, which splits them into harmless molecules of carbon dioxide and water. Owing to its ability to disarm pollutant molecules, Photo Catalytic Oxidation proves itself to be one of the most effective methods to purify the air. They are sometimes even more effective than the usual, conventional and commercial air filters. The technology can dramatically reduce the presence of not only air-borne pollutants but disarm almost 99% of surface pollutants.

Implementing this system can efficiently reduce the presence of contaminants and allergens in the air. Photo Catalytic Oxidation has proven itself as an impressive and highly efficient method that uses advanced technology to destroy air-borne pollutants, microbes, and even surface contaminants. It can be installed in your homes or in public spaces such as hospitals, restaurants, malls, etc. The prevailing circumstances we are living in requires the taking up of an optimum amount of hygiene, precaution and implementing every possible measure on our part to keep our immediate surroundings clean and safe.

The Photo Catalytic Oxidation could be your next great weapon to destroy every single molecule of pollutant and microbes that can serve as a potential threat to your health and well-being.