The POLYGEE® BG20K system is state-of-the-art a HEAT & OIL RECOVERY SYSTEM, which also works as an AIR PURIFICATION & FIRE SAFETY SYSTEM.


Robust Design
Efficient Recovery
Power Efficient
Safe and Reliable

As a Heat Recovery System

Our system is incorporated with heat exchanger which provides you the hot water with approx. ΔT of 30 ℃ which can be fed directly in boiler to save daily coal consumption cost or where ever hot water of that specification required.

As an Oil Recovery System

Our System allows the highly efficient collection and separation of exhaust emissions like dyestuff assisters, wax emulsifiers, lubricating oil in textile and spinning industries, which can be sold further and many other organic compounds such as DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate) in leather and vinyl industries which can be reused in plant itself upto 200 L/Day.


As an Air Purification System

Our system guarantees you the exhaust SPM levels below 20 mg/Nm3 by which you can easily achieve the best results in mitigating environmental pollution norms.


As a Fire Safety System

What it does for you?

Our system contains four stage fire safety system which eliminates the chances of periodical fire hazards in all kind of heat setting machines.


POLYGEE® BG20K is suitable for all kind of TEXTILES INDUSTRIES which have stenter frame:

  • Natural Fibres: Wool, Cotton
  • Synthetic Fibres: Polyacrylic, Polyamide, Polyester
  • Natural Chemical Fibres: Viscose/ Acetate

POLYGEE® BG20K is suitable for all kind of VINYL INDUSTRIES which have calender, coating and foaming lines:

  • PVC Flooring
  • Synthetic Leather
  • PVC Sheets and Films

With the POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust air filter system we deliver an economical and energy efficient solution for stenter frame exhaust air purification with following advantages:

  • POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system fits to any production process.
  • The operating cost of a POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust air filtration system are considerably low.
  • POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system achieve the best results in mitigating environmental pollution norms.
  • Efficiency of POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system as oil mist collection as well as particle removal efficiency can be achieved up to 99 per cent of the design air flow.
  • POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system takes air filtration to a higher level as SPM and VOC levels below 20 mg/Nm3 and 5 mg/Nm3 respectively can be easily achieved.
  • POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system helps eliminate fire hazards in all kind of heat setting machines such as stenter in textile industry with the help of a four stage fire safety.
  • POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system is incorporated with an ingenious heat recovery system (minimum ΔT of 30 ℃) and oil recovery system (recovered DOP/knitting oil up to 200 L/DAY).
  • POLYGEE® BG20K exhaust system are not vulnerable to thermal wear. More than 5,000 systems installed in numerous manufacturing works – some with over 50,000 hours of operation – prove this in a striking manner.