Uv radiation sterilization – benefits and applications

UV or Ultra Violet Radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation found in sunlight and can also be produced artificially with the help of electric arcs or specialized lights. They are invisible to the naked eye. UV light can also efficiently sterilize and disinfect solid surfaces, and this is where we can put these invisible rays to good use, especially during a pandemic. In contrast to other disinfecting methods, UV radiation sterilization provides a comparatively speedy and competent method of deactivating microorganisms likes bacteria and viruses. Additionally, UV Radiation can also destroy contaminants such as industrial solvents and pesticides.

Airverclean India, specializes in products that disinfect and sterilize solid surfaces and improves the air quality of indoor spaces. One such product is our UVC Sterilizer that is based on the UV Radiation Sterilization technology. It is highly efficient, lightweight, and does not produce ozone. There are several advantages that our UVC sterilizer has over conventional sterilizing techniques. For instance, UV radiation sterilization is non-toxic and environmentally friendly as it involves no chemicals, making it even safe to use on food items. UV radiation sterilization is a dry process; hence, is also well-equipped to kill fungi. It is all the more effective in destroying microorganisms like bacteria and viruses as it is absorbed easily by the cells of these microorganisms. UV’s radiation sterilization has also proven its effectiveness in sterilizing water. It is better than chlorine as it inactivates protozoa and does not cause any additional contamination as opposed to chlorine-based disinfectants.

Our UVC Range Series offers a quick and active method of sterilizing solid surfaces like tabletops, walls, cabinets, currency notes, etc. Our goal is to provide a safe and fool-proof technique that will make your indoor spaces, be it office, hospitals, or homes a safer place. UVC technology is completely safe to use when executed wisely, and our product has been designed in such a way that it causes zero harm to your skin and eyes. It is lightweight and actively kills microorganisms. The prevailing circumstances demand us to sanitize ourselves and our surroundings continually, and we assure that our UVC series is the most effective and environmentally friendly weapon against the virus. Since it involves no chemicals, it eliminates the fear of additional contamination. It is also lightweight and portable, and reasonably priced. If you are on the lookout for a piece of equipment that effectively sterilizes your surroundings without the use of chemicals and their additional contamination, then your search ends right here.