UVI Air FG Series

FG 7500A/15000A /FG 30000A

UVIAIRE’s FG unit is an Ozone Generator producing high volume of ozone via the corona discharge method.

Air is drawn through a blower fan into the corona plates, powered by high tension transformers.

The oxygen laden air is converted to ozone which is discharged through the nozzle into the desired area where the ozone reacts with contaminants.

It is a scientific breakthrough in odor and light grease control, and is an effective method particularly for elimination unpleasant odors, light oil mist and grease.


  • Kitchen Exhausts
  • Garbage Rooms
  • Seafood Storage Area
  • Fresh Food Stores
  • Sewage Ventilations
  • Other Areas with Odour Problems
Model Dimension LxWxH (mm) Weight Voltage Power consumption Ozone Output Applicable Airflow
FG-7500A 360x200x290 9.70Kg 230VAC 50watts 7,500mg/hr Up to 7500CMH
FG-15000A 360x200x290 10.30 Kg 230VAC 75watts 15,000mg/hr Up to 15,000CMH
FG-30000A 450x200x380 14.10 Kg 230VAC 125watts 30,000mg/hr Up to 30,000CMH